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  • History

    Avantor® was formed in August 2010 when New Mountain Capital purchased it from Covidien Inc.; however, the company has been in existence for more than 110 years.

    John Townsend Baker

    The company now known as Avantor was founded in 1904 by John Townsend (J.T.) Baker.

    J.T. Baker was studying chemistry at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, when he realized that the laboratory chemicals he was using in class were not sufficiently pure to facilitate accurate results. He decided to take matters into his own hands. In 1904, he founded the J.T. Baker Chemical Company along the Delaware River near the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    The mission of the J.T. Baker Chemical Company was to produce chemicals of the "highest degree of purity commercially available."

    Global Evolution

    When it was founded in 1904, the J.T. Baker Chemical Company employed 20 individuals in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Today, Avantor has operations throughout the world and is the global supplier of ultra-high-purity materials for the life sciences and advanced technology markets.

    While the company has grown its manufacturing capabilities, product portfolio and global reach, our goal of providing high-quality materials to our customers around the world has not changed.

    Company Milestones

    1904 – J.T.Baker Chemical Company founded

    1911 – J.T.Baker Co. begins publishing The Chemist-Analyst trade journal, used internally and by outside

    1940s – Wartime production of penicillin, pesticides, batteries and x-rays produced at J.T. Baker

    1949 – Introduction of J.T.Baker® brand ULTREX™ reagents with parts-per-billion impurity levels; $10 million expansion of Phillipsburg

    1974 – First spill kits introduced

    1976 – New high-purity solvents product line by J.T.Baker Co. launched

    1983 – J.T.Baker® brand BAKERBOND™ Wide Pore chromatography columns launched

    1985 – Semiconductor industry's first photoresist stripper recovery/recycling program begun

    1991 – Revolutionary J.T.Baker® brand ULTRAPURE BIOREAGENT™ products for cutting-edge biopharmaceutical process launched

    1994 – Innovative J.T.Baker® brand CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent delivery system launched

    1995 – Mallinckrodt acquires J.T.Baker and forms Mallinckrodt

    2000 – Tyco International acquires Mallinckrodt Baker

    2004 – Flowmor™ packaging introduced

    2005 – Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals Limited acquired by ICICI Venture Fund, renamed RFCL Limited

    2005 – J.T.Baker® brand solid phase extraction hydrophilic polymers and columns launched

    2006 – cGMP biobuffers introduced

    2007 – Tyco Healthcare (parent of Mallinckrodt Baker) becomes Covidien

    2007 – RFCL acquires Wipro Biomed

    2008 – RFCL acquires Alved Pharma and Foods, Bremer Pharma GmbH

    2008 – cGMP parenteral benzyl alcohol launched

    2009 – High-purity J.T.Baker® brand LC/MS solvents introduced

    2010 – Mallinckrodt Baker acquired from Covidien by an affiliate of New Mountain Capital

    2010 – Mallinckrodt Baker becomes Avantor Performance Materials

    2010 – RFCL enters technology transfer agreement on hematology reagents with Diagon of Hungary 

    2011 – J.T.Baker® brand PanExcea™ multifunctional excipients launched

    2011 – Avantor completes acquisitions of RFCL Limited of India and POCH S.A. of Poland; RFCL Limited renamed Avantor Performance Materials India Limited and POCH S.A., renamed Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A.

    2016 – Avantor completes acquisition of NuSil Technology, LLC

    2017 – Avantor completes acquisitions of Puritan Products, Inc. and VWR International, Inc.

    2018 – Avantor launches new corporate brand identity