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  • Rapid sample store

    Rapid Sample Store

    Improve speed-to-market and meet critical qualification timelines through Avantor's Rapid Sample Store. 

    Avantor's Rapid Sample Store offers a broad range of readily available samples for key biopharmaceutical products.

    Meet tight qualification timelines

    • Three-lot qualification samples maintained in inventory
    • Samples processed and shipped within 72 hours
    • Advanced shipping notice and tracking information provided


    Ensure quality

    • Technical data available for all products
    • Ongoing technical support provided


    Achieve scalability

    • Industry leading beaker-to-bulk portfolio means products are scalable to meet you unique production needs
      Rapid Sample Process 500


    Samples available 

    Phosphates                                    Salts                                  Buffers                                       
    • Sodium phosphate
    • Potassium phosphate 
    • Sodium chloride
    • Sodium acetate
    • Calcium chloride
    • Citric acid
    • Ammonium sulfate
    • Sodium citrate
    • Calcium chloride
    • Imidazole     
    •  Guanidine hydrochloride
    • Tris
    • Tris HCL
    • MES
    • Urea
    • HEPES
    • Mops

    Solutions                                   Amino Acids                      Sugars                                        
    • Sodium hydroxide
    • Dextrose
    • Phosphoric acid
    • L-Histidine
    • L-Theronine
    • L-Glutamine
    • L-Arginine
    • L-Histidine
    • L-Tryptophan
    • L-Phentlalanine
    • L-Glycine
    • L-Valine
    • L-Lysine HCL
    • Sorbitol
    • Dextrose
    • Mannitol
    • Sucrose

    As part of our sample program we ask that you keep us updated on qualification progress and provide feedback on sample test results. This will enable us to better understand your requirements and provide enhanced service in the future.