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  • Our unique innovation model

    Here's how it works:

    First, a cross-functional team of Avantor® experts - including scientists, procurement representatives, process engineers and commercial leaders - engages directly with a similar team pulled together by our customer. 

    During a kick-off meeting, as well as subsequent discussions and facility tours, the team identifies the bottlenecks and pain points that our customer faces. Then, the team works jointly to develop tailored solutions at any scale that address those issues and drive real value - improved quality, cost savings and lower TCO - for our customer's business and patients.

    The solutions may include anything from new products to new packaging, and can span any stage of the life sciences production process:

    • Cell Culture - Functional supplements with low impurities to improve yield
    • Purification - Highly selective chromatography media and optimized bioprocessing buffers
    • Formulation - High-purity excipients for product protection and bio-availability
    • Research and Diagnostics - Analytical chemistries and devices
    • Process Solutions - Novel packaging, protection and delivery solutions to improve process efficiency and reduce costs


    Next, Avantor initiates our agile internal project management model (we call it our Growth Operations model) to quickly implement the solutions we developed. We prioritize and categorize the solutions. Then, a cross-functional team, including executive leadership, meets regularly to drive the projects forward, break down internal barriers and allocate resources.

    The result: We solve the customer's business challenge with a tailored, timely solution.

    Contact your Avantor account representative to get started.