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  • Clinical Chemistry Products

    Clinical Chemistry Reagents and Analyzers

    Avantor™ Performance Materials offers a complete line of BeneSphera™ brand clinical chemistry reagents that utilize the latest formulations and technologies for quantitative determination of substrates, enzymes, and electrolytes in human serum, plasma, or urine. To complement our general chemistry reagents, Avantor offers both semi-automated analyzers and fully-automated analyzers.

    • Clinical Chemistry Reagents
    • Semi-Automated Chemistry Analyzers*
    • Fully-Automated Chemistry Analyzers*

    Clinical Chemistry Reagents

    BeneSphera brand clinical chemistry assays use a variety of technologies for quantitative in-vitro determination of enzymes, substrates, and electrolytesin human serum, plasma, or urine. Designed for high precision and long stability, these assays can be used for manual or automated testing with most manual photometric instruments, semi-automated analyzers, and fully-automated analyzers.

    Clinical Chemistry Reagents Test Kits

    BeneSphera brand test kits are complete test kits containing all reagents, necessary standards, and/or calibrators. The liquid stable reagents included in the BeneSphera brand test kits were designed to keep convenience and ease-of-use in mind, helping our customers drive increased productivity and turnaround time in their laboratories.

    BeneSphera™ Brand Product Portfolio

    Avantor is consistently expanding its BeneSphera brand clinical chemistry portfolio to provide our customers with a broad offering of high quality reagents.


    Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers*

    BeneSphera brand semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are easy-to-use instruments for diagnostic applications and clinical use. We offer compact, tabletop analyzers suitable for stand-alone laboratories and special applications in large-scale laboratories.

    Fully-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers*

    BeneSphera brand bench top automated instruments are designed to enhance the productivity and workflow in entry level-to-medium throughput laboratories while delivering the versatility and efficiency of a larger system.

    Avantor offers BeneSphera brand bench top clinical chemistry analyzers, capable of processing up to 120 or 160 tests per hour. All of our automated analyzers are optimized for use with BeneSphera brand reagents. 

    *At this time, BeneSphera brand automated and semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers are only available in select countries. For more information, please contact your local Avantor sales representative.