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  • Hematology Products

    Avantor builds our diagnostic solutions on the foundation of our deep experience engineering high-quality chemistries. We understand cell lysing and chemical interaction of compounds on cell membranes, the characteristics of these materials in aqueous solutions, and their long-term behavior in the presence of other chemicals. This insight, along with our understanding of how to create high-performance products for hematology, helps us create world-class diagnostics solutions.

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    Hematology Reagents

    Avantor offers a complete line of J.T.Baker® brand reagents and controls for eight parameter instruments, 5-part differential automated analyzers, and many others. To save time and ensure compatibility, J.T.Baker® brand reagents are supplied in bottles that fit to the tubes and connections provided with the instrument.

    J.T.Baker® brand reagents are commonly used with instruments and analyzers manufactured by the following companies.






    Nihon Kohden®

    Avantor Performance MaterialsTM









    Beckman Coulter®  







    Hematology Controls

    Daily use of controls is crucial to provide data which confirms the precision of your instrument. J.T.Baker® brand hematology controls simulate whole blood and are available in abnormal low, normal, and abnormal high levels for testing purposes.

    Hematology Analyzers

    BeneSphera™ brand hematology analyzers for both human and veterinary applications are available in select markets in Europe and Asia. These reliable, easy-to-use analyzers are capable of monitoring a 3-part differential population. For optimal performance, J.T.Baker® brand reagents should be used with BeneSphera™ brand hematology analyzers.

    * Note: Products shown may not be readily available in all regions without prior arrangement. Contact your Avantor account manager to confirm availability.

    Hematology Stains

    Avantor provides several staining solutions for manual staining of blood-smear slides. J.T.Baker® brand stains are designed to provide excellent results across a variety of hematology applications. In addition to stains for tissue, blood and bone testing, J.T.Baker® brand Sorensen buffer is also available.

    *At this time, Avantor's diagnostics solutions are only available in select countries. For more information, please contact your local Avantor sales representative.

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