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  • Histopathology and Cytology Reagents

    Solutions That Meet the Highest Quality Standards

    Produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques at facilities certified for excellence in quality control, customers can count on Avantor’s histology and cytology products to deliver efficient, reliable results, time after timeA comprehensive line of J.T.Baker® brand reagents is available for histology and cytology applications.


    • Formaldehyde Fixatives – The 40 mM phosphate buffer J.T.Baker® brand formaldehyde fixatives have shown optimal performance and results in immunostaining. Available in both ready-to-use and concentrated solutions.
    • Bouin’s Fixative – A picric acid-based fixative that is used for the preservation of soft or delicate tissues, including embryonic studies and skin.
    • Cervix Spray Fixative – A specially designed, non-toxic solution used to fix prepared cell smears in such a way that Papanicolaou staining gives optimized coloration of cell structures.

    Alcohols and Solvents

    Avantor offers a competitive range of conveniently packaged alcohols and solvents. Tests have shown that J.T.Baker® brand alcohols and solvents produce excellent results when used in appropriate staining and tissue preparation procedures.

    Solutions for a Xylene-free Laboratory

    • J.T.Baker® brand UltraClear™ Clearing Agent – An isoparaffin-based clearing agent that can be used as a xylene replacement during tissue embedding, deparaffinization, and staining processes. UltraClear™ clearing agent is odorless, less toxic, and less flammable when compared to xylene.


    • J.T.Baker® brand UltraPar™ Paraffin – For use in histology tissue embedding and sectioning. Increased solubility results in improved penetration, deparaffinization, and excellent results of stained sections.
    • Paraffin Cleaner – A special non-toxic cleaner containing mineral oils in an alcoholic medium, used to clean processors, microtomes, and other laboratory equipment.

    Staining Solutions

    • Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) Stains – Ready-to-use, long-lasting stains that produce a consistent, bright staining of the nucleus. J.T.Baker® brand Eosin Y counter stains, are optimized in combination with our Hematoxylin stains. The J.T.Baker® brand product line also includes Scotch’s solution
    • May-Grünwald, Giemsa, Wright, and Leishman Stains – For use in tissue sections, cytology smears, blood smears and bone marrow. The J.T.Baker® brand stains result in optimized color intensity.
    • Papanicolaou Stains – Purified and free from contamination to ensure reliable results. The J.T.Baker® brand product line includes Papanicolaou 1 (hematoxylin solution according to Gill II/Harris), Papanicolaou 2A (Orange G6), Papanicolaou 2B, and Papanicolaou 3B (EA 50) stains.

    Mounting Media

    • J.T.Baker® brand UltraKitt™ Mounting Medium – A safer mounting medium alternative for use in the laboratory environment. UltraKitt™ mounting medium is compatible with UltraClear™ clearing agent, xylene, toluene, IPA and benzyl alcohol.
    • Xylene-based Mounting Media – Available in a low and high viscosity, xylene-based mounting media allow for faster drying and more efficient coverslipping.

    Other Products

    • Rapid Decalcifier – A non-hazardous, fast-acting, and easy-to-control product for decalcifying hard tissue sections, such as bone marrow and bone-containing sections.
    • Baker-Clear 12 – A specially filtered, alkaline (pH: 12-13) and non-sterile reagent for use in cleaning surfaces in the laboratory.
    • PBS (Immuno) – A special phosphate buffered saline solution used for blood-grouping and cross-matching (available as a ready-to-use solution) and immuno histo-chemistry (available as a 20 times concentrated solution)

    *At this time, Avantor's diagnostics solutions are only available in select countries. For more information, please contact your local Avantor sales representative.