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  • Rapid Diagnostics Test Products

    Avantor™ Performance Materials is committed to advancing the quality and effectiveness of rapid test diagnostic tools and processes. We provide a comprehensive line of proven, cost-effective tests for the specific, qualitative, or semi-quantitative detection of many analytes, such as antigens, antibodies, and the products of nucleic acid amplification tests.

    Produced at facilities certified for excellence in quality control, customers across the world have counted on BeneSphera™ brand rapid test products to deliver efficient, reliable results. Available for a range of common diseases, such as Hepatitis B and Malaria, easy-to-use BeneSphera brand rapid tests support arrange of biological specimens. It is even possible to simultaneously test for one or several analytes on the same strip.

    BeneSphera brand rapid test cards help facilitate the two most important goals of disease management: the early detection of parasites and the early treatment of infection. Rapid diagnostic tests are designed for use at the point-of-care (POC) and can be adapted for use in low-resource settings. These tests are highly sensitive, specific, and stable at high temperatures in addition to offering a shorter testing time for fast results.

    BeneSpheraTM brand Rapid Test Cards range



    Hepatitis B

    Rapid cards test for detection of hepatitis-B surface antigen in human serum and plasma

    Troponin I

    Rapid card test for detection of Troponin I  specific antigen in human serum  or plasma

    Malaria Pan

    Rapid cards test for detection of Malaria pLDH antigen in human blood

    Malaria Pan/pf

    Rapid cards test for detection of Malaria pLDH and HRP-II  antigen in human blood

    Malaria pv/pf

    Rapid cards test for detection of Malaria P. falciparum specific HRP-II  and P. vivex specific pLDH  antigen in human blood


    Rapid cards test for detection of T.Pallidum antibody in human serum and plasma


    *At this time, Avantor's diagnostics solutions are only available in select countries. For more information, please contact your local Avantor sales representative.