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  • Infrared Spectrophotometry

    To expand the analytical reach of IR spectrophotometry and get maximum absorbance in selected wavelengths, laboratories the world over turn to Avantor spectrophotometry solvents, including J.T.Baker® PHOTREX™ grade solvents.

    Minimizing lot-to-lot variability and contaminants (including residue after evaporation) is a critical focus for Avantor. Function testing confirms maximum absorbance in selected wavelengths, and for PHOTREX solvents, 50% to 100% transmittance windows in IR wavelengths are well within reach. Our solvents help make infrared spectrophotometry more precise, more robust and more reliable. 

    IR Spectrophotometry Products  

    We provide outstanding technical support and a variety of technical notes to back up our extensive line of high-quality products