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  • Chromatography columns, media & consumables

    SPE ImageLooking for highly-selective, reproducible and rapid separation performance for HPLC, UHPLC, SPE, LC and more? Chromatography columns, media and consumable products from Avantor give you exactly what you need: convenience, repeatability, speed of separation and most of all, highly accurate results.

    Our columns, sorbents, HPLC Solvents and Reagents, flash chromatography media and bulk chromatography media offer proven performance that makes these products the choice of chemists worldwide. Our chromatography products -- columns, media, consumables -- are all designed to give you everything you need to make sample preparation easier, faster and more consistent. 

    Avantor chromatography product advantages   

    • Unique breadth of separations capabilities created by our manufacturing capabilities for polymer- and silica-based
    • Chromatography media
    • Decades of expertise in quality liquid chromatography solvents and blends   
    • Pioneering work in the development of Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
    • Developed proprietary bonding chemistries for our sorbents from affinity to reverse phase
    • Products and know-how for diverse separation techniques, scale and applications
    • Work with large pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop unique chromatography media for process scale applications

    Unmatched support for a wide range of chromatography techniques

    • Solid Phase Extraction--high-performing, reliable SPE columns; environmental extraction disks; well plates; and other equipment, processors and accessories
    • Analytical HPLC Columns--meeting your sample size, application and separation performance requirements in reverse phase, normal phase, ion exchange and chiral chromatography
    • Bulk Media--normal phase media and columns, irregular flash media and spherical flash media
    • Flash Chromatography Media--irregular and spherical media or pre-packed spherical media cartridges
    • Thin Layer Chromatography--convenient and cost-effective compound separations