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  • Chiral HPLC Columns  

    Achieve optimum chiral selectivity and differential interactions between enantiomers, while maximizing laboratory productivity through proven J.T.Baker® pre-packed analytical chiral columns. Featuring BAKERBOND high-quality sorbent phases created with tri-functional silane synthesis chemistry, these columns give you increased resistance to hydrolysis, greater stability at pH extremes and reduced silanol interactions for higher recoveries.

    Our chiral columns feature a Certificate of Analysis, along with an information packet including a test chromatogram and data -- your assurance of efficiency, selectivity, peak asymmetry and optimum back pressure.

    Our normal phase columns are proven in HPLC analysis, for pharmaceutical drug discovery and research.


    J.T.Baker® Pre-Packed Chiral Columns (Spherical Particles) 
     Description   Column Type   Column Size   Particle Size   Pore Size  Product Number 
    A-Napthyl Urea Analytical 4.6 x 250 mm 5 μm    7309-00  
    WP DEAM Standard 4.6 x 250 mm 5 μm 300Å  7474-00   
    Scout 4.6 x 50 mm 5 μm 300Å  7474-05  
      7.75 x 100 mm 5 μm 300Å  7474-06  
    DNBPG (Covalent) Analytical 4.6 x 250 mm 5 μm    7113-00  








    In addition to analytical HPLC columns, Avantor™ Performance Materials also provides superior quality HPLC solventsUHPLC solvents and versatile, cost-effective universal solvents.