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  • Normal Phase HPLC Columns  

    Achieve more consistency, stability and reproducibility along with convenience from J.T.Baker® pre-packed analytical columns. These columns maximize the speed and precision of your normal phase HPLC separations, even at pH extremes. They feature high-quality BAKERBOND sorbent phases created with tri-functional silane synthesis chemistry to provide increased resistance to hydrolysis, greater stability at pH extremes and reduced silanol interactions for higher recoveries and less “tailing.”

    Our HPLC columns feature a Certificate of Analysis along with an information packet including a test chromatogram and data -- your assurance of efficiency, selectivity, peak asymmetry and optimum back pressure.

    Our normal phase columns are proven in HPLC analysis, and in the purification of small organic molecules in applications such as drug discovery and research.

    J.T.Baker® Pre-Packed Normal Phase Columns  

    Description Column Size Particle Size Particle Shape   Pore Size Product Number
    Cyano (CN) 4.6 x 250 mm 5 μm  Spherical   120Å  7111-00 

     In addition to analytical HPLC columns, Avantor also provides superior quality HPLC solvents, UHPLC solvents and versatile, cost-effective universal solvents.