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  • Bulk Chromatography Media

    Expand separations capabilities and achieve unsurpassed reproducibility in a wide range of today’s chromatography applications with Avantor bulk chromatography media. Our media are designed to provide the same high quality and performance as our large and proven lineup of HPLC high purity solvents.

    Coupled with outstanding technical support, information resources and innovative chemical packaging options, our media exceed your expectations for analytical or process chromatography. 

    Avantor: Unique Qualifications in Process Chromatography  

    • Offer unique breadth of polymer- and silica-based chromatography media
    • Pioneered Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) methodology
    • More than 30 years of experience in liquid chromatography
    • Specialty-engineered, proprietary bonding chemistries from affinity to reverse-phase
    • Support for diverse separation techniques, scale and applications
    • Partnering with major manufacturers to develop media for process-scale applications

    Excellence in Chromatography Products

    In addition to analytical HPLC columns, Avantor also provides superior quality HPLC solvents and UHPLC solvents.