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  • Spherical Flash Chromatography Media

    When sample preparation speed and performance are critical requirements in your lab, count on J.T.Baker® brand spherical flash chromatography media to deliver reliable, economical results you need: higher adsorption capacity, improved reproducibility of separation and overall improved lab productivity.

    Spherical Flash Media Cartridge Features  

    • Better separation performance from spherical shape and narrow particle size
    • Higher capacities due to better flow properties and pore distribution
    • Consistent particle size enables more even media packaging and distribution in cartridge
    • Higher mechanical strength for longer column life


    Spherical Flash Media  

    Description Size Product Number
    BAKERBOND Spherical Flash Silica Gel Neutral Silica  500 g 7620-01 
    BAKERBOND Spherical Flash Silica Gel 1 kg 7620-02 
      5 kg 7620-03