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  • SPE Equipment, Processors & Accessories

    Equip your labs with high-performance J.T.Baker® SPE equipment, processors and accessories to enhance the productivity and reliability of your SPE testing in pharmaceutical research and environmental testing processes. Our SPE processors have been designed for optimum use with our BAKERBOND standard SPE and Speedisk columns and Speedisk 50 mm disks, so you can have ultimate confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of your SPE testing. Our SPE products work well along with our chromatography columns, media and consumables to drive laboratory efficiency.

    SPE Column Processors

    The J.T.Baker® BAKER SPE column processors feature a glass vacuum basin, cover with luer fittings and gasket, individual flow control stopcocks, stainless steel needles, sample collection rack and a vacuum gauge/controller. Two models are available:

    • BAKER SPE-12G with 12 ports for simultaneously processing 12 SPE columns
    • BAKER SPE-24G with 24 ports for simultaneously processing 24 SPE columns

    Replacement parts and accessories for both processors are also available.

    Extraction Column Processors  

    Description  Quantity
    per Box
    Product Number 

    BAKER SPE-12G Column Processor Complete 

    Includes 12-port vacuum manifold, sample collection rack, height adjustable shelves, vacuum gauge/controller 

    1 6998-00

    BAKER SPE-24G Column Processor Complete 

    Includes 24-port vacuum manifold, sample collection rack, height adjustable shelves, vacuum gauge/controller  

     1 7208-00  


    Extraction Column Processor Replacement Parts and Accessories  

    Description  Quantity
    per Box
    Product Number 
    Lid (with Luer Connectors)   1 7424-00  
    Polyethylene Gasket Seals  2 7430-00  
    Neoprene Gasket Seals  2 7433-00  
    BAKER SPE-24G Glass Vacuum Chamber  1 7423-00  
    Rack Set  1 7429-00  
    Neoprene Gasket Seals   2 7435-00  
    Polypropylene Needles  12 7436-00  
    Plugs for Female Luer  12 7327-00  
    Vacuum Gauge/Controller Assembly  1 7437-00  
    Stopcocks, T-turn, Nylon and PE  12  7166-00  
    Inert Flow Control Valves  12  7425-00  
    Reservoirs, 75 mL  10  7120-03  
    Luer Connector, Female  12  7145-00  
    Luer Connector, Male  12  7146-00  


    Speedisk Processors & Accessories

    Take full advantage of the flexibility and reliability of our Speedisk 50 mm extraction disks with our proven J.T.Baker® Speedisk manual and automated extraction stations.

    We offer four different Speedisk 50 mm extraction disk processors:

    • Single -- with one 1L reservoir capacity (8093-01)
    • Compact -- with three 1L reservoir capacity (8094-06)
    • Expanded -- with six 1L reservoir capacity (8095-06)
    • Rotary -- with six 1L reservoir capacity on a turntable (7463-06)