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  • J.T.Baker® Biopharmaceutical Solvents  

    For the most consistent, accurate results along with industry-leading coupling efficiencies and yields in DNA and peptide synthesis, turn to J.T.Baker® BAKER BIO-ANALYZED solvents. These proven world-class products are specifically designed, manufactured, and tested to maximize efficiencies and deliver the highest yields in synthesis applications. Extensive testing for important contaminants, including peroxides, ensures optimum performance and consistency.

    These solvents are available in the J.T.Baker® CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent delivery packaging system which is a closed system blanketed with inert gas help to ensure the highest quality and lowest water content right to the point of use.

    Our capabilities for creating chromatography solvents have earned us a global reputation for excellence in routine and specialized work in both pharmaceutical production and biopharmaceutical production

     J.T.Baker® brand Solvents for Biotechnology Applications 

    Product  Product Number  Product  Product Number 
    Acetonitrile, Low Water  9018  NMP (1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone)  9261 
    Acetonitrile, Ultra Low Water  9019  Pyridine, Low Water  9393 
    Dimethylformamide  9344  Tetrahydrofuran, Low Water  9439 
    Methanol  9098  Triethylamine  9111 
    Methylene Chloride  9348