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  • Gas Chromatography & Environmental Solvents  

    Meet rigorous EPA sample cleanup protocols with J.T.Baker® ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED™ performance gas chromatography and environmental solvents. Specifically engineered to satisfy EPA extraction/concentration requirements, ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED solvents are application optimized and function tested on high resolution capillary GC and are proven suitable for use with both ECD and FID detectors. These products are ideal for use in GC applications in environmental testing, research and quality control.

    ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED Solvents and Reagents Advantages  

    • Unique stabilizer systems provide unmatched product stability and interference-free results when chemical requires
    • Optimized distillation targeted to remove reactive impurities, production of higher assays and narrow solvent fronts
    • Performance tested to purity levels below the Lower Limits of Quantitation (LLQ) for trace analyte detection


    J.T.Baker® ULTRA RESI-ANALYZED Environmental Solvents & Reagents 

    Product   Product Number  Product  Product Number 
    Acetone  9254  Methyl tert-Butyl Ether 9043 
    Acetonitrile  9255  Methylene Chloride 9264 
    Carbon Disulfide  E350  Pentane 9333 
    Chloroform  9257  Petroleum Ether, 30-60°C 9265 
    Cyclohexane  9258  2-Propanol 9334 
    Ether 9259  Sodium Sulfate, Anhydrous, Granular (12-60 Mesh) 3375 
    Ethyl Acetate  9260  Tetrachloroethylene 9360 
    n-Heptane  9338  Toluene 9336 
    Hexanes (99% n-hexane)  N168  2,2,4-Trimethylpentane 9335 
    Hexanes (95% n-hexane)  9262  Water 4219 
    Methanol  9263     
    Methanol  9077     


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