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  • Histology Solvents

    Make certain your biological samples are properly prepared with histology solvents from Avantor Performance Materials. J.T.Baker® histology solvents are engineered for research and designed to meet or exceed industry standards. Macron Fine Chemicals™ histology solvents provide the required consistency at affordable pricing. Both are produced and packaged in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, we offer solvents, buffers, stains and dyes formulated for today’s advanced fixation, processing and staining histopathology sample preparation lab work.

    J.T.Baker® Histology Solvents Advantages

    • Quality and consistency engineered to “exceed Lab Grade”
    • Reliability from over 130 years of laboratory chemical experience
    • Engineered for research
    • Low residue after evaporation and low water levels

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ Histology Solvents Advantages 

    • Safety enhancing packaging options
    • Variety of convenient sizes
    • Easy to dispense
    • Affordable pricing

    J.T.Baker® Histopathology Solvents 

    Product Product Number
    Acetone A134
    Alcohol, Anhydrous, Reagent A478
    Decalcifying Solution, Krajian G161
    Formalin, 10% v/v Solution, Neutralized M518
    Isopropyl Alcohol U298
    Methanol 9076
    Toluene 9462
    Xylenes X516


    Histology Solvents, Buffers, Stains & Dyes

    Buffered formalin and formaldehyde are available in both J.T.Baker® and Macron™ brand histology chemicals as histology fixatives, and select histology stains and dyes are certified by the Biological Stain Commission. 

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ Histopathology Solvents


    Product Product Number
    Acetone 8664
    Acid-Dicromate Cleaning Solution E068
    Decalcifying Solution, Krajian H121
    Formaldehyde Solution, 10% (w/v) in Aqueous Phospate Buffer H580
    Isopropyl Alcohol H603
    Methyl Alcohol H604
    Xylenes X516