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  • Organic Synthesis Anhydrous Solvents

    Eliminate costly, hazardous and time-consuming purification operations for research organic synthesis with J.T.Baker® BakerDRY™ low-water anhydrous solvents. Application-optimized and function tested for organic, organometallic and oligonucleotide synthesis, most BakerDRY performance chemistries contain no preservatives, maintain less than 10 ppm peroxides and deliver exceptionally low levels of water and dissolved oxygen.

    BakerDRY™ Anhydrous Solvents Advantages  

    • Manufactured to remove impurities to lowest level in industry
    • No need for further purification -- arrive ready-to-use in synthesis applications
    • Packaged with septum seal bottles or utilizing the J.T.Baker® CYCLE-TAINER™ solvent delivery system for multiple uses while
    • Minimizing contamination
    • Meet ACS specifications for reagent chemicals


    J.T.Baker® BakerDRY Low-Water Anhydrous Solvents

    Product  Product Number Product  Product Number
    Acetonitrile, Ultra Low Water  9035  Methanol, Low Water  9097 
    Bis (2-methoxyethyl) Ether  9296  Methylene Chloride, Low Water  9295 
    Dimethylformamide  9213  Tetrahydrofuran, Ultra Low Water  9446 
    Ether, Ultra Low Water  9250  Tetrahydrofuran, Ultra Low Water  9447 
    Heptane, Low Water  9365  Toluene, Low Water  9364 
    Hexanes, Low Water  9277  Water  4219 


    We offer chemical packaging options that reduce or eliminate the need to handle or measure hazardous chemicals, and returnable CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery packaging systems.