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  • Spectrophotometry Solvents

    Ensure your UV/visible light/IR spectrophotometry results are of the highest consistency and quality with J.T.Baker® PHOTREX™ spectrophotometry solvents. Manufactured to minimize lot-to-lot variability and contaminants that can interfere with wavelengths being measured, PHOTREX spectrophotometry solvents deliver maximum absorbance in selected wavelengths and the cleanest and most consistent IR and UV spectra for research applications.

    PHOTREX Advantages   

    • 50% to 100% transmittance windows in IR wavelengths reported
    • Low UV absorbance and optical absorbance
    • Extremely low residue after evaporation, low acid and base concentrations
    • Specifications that meet or exceed ACS standards
    • Reliable, consistent results


     J.T.Baker® PHOTREX Spectrophotometry Solvents

    Product  Product Number Product Product Number
    Acetone  9010  Methyl iso-Butyl Ketone  9212 
    Alcohol, Anhydrous, Reagent  9229  Methylene Chloride  9329 
    1-Butanol  9189  Paraffin Oil  9388 
    n-Butyl Acetate  9191  Petroleum Ether, 35-60°C  9270 
    Chloroform  9183  2-Propanol  9083 
    1,2-Dichloroethane  9302  Tetrachloroethylene  9218 
    Dimethylformamide  9222  Toluene  9456 
    Dimethyl Sulfoxide  9194  2,2,4-Trimethylpentane  9479 
    p-Dioxane  9196  Xylenes  9516 
    Methanol, Absolute  9069