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  • UHPLC Solvents

    Achieve maximum accuracy, extend UHPLC column life and maximize equipment performance with Avantor’s elite grade of J.T.Baker® UHPLC solvents: ULTRA™ LC/MS. Developed by a leader and pioneer in chromatography products, ULTRA LC/MS are suitable for applications like method development and method transfer. And Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR™ solvents offer the economy of a “universal” solvent suitable for multiple applications. 

    Designed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding UHPLC and LC/MS research and analytical testing applications (including proteomics, drug discovery pharmacokinetics and clinical research), ULTRA LC/MS can significantly extend the useful life of UHPLC columns and optimize your mobile phase operations through minimization of particles and metal adduct formation.

    • Suitability tested for function-applicable mass spectrometry with both electrospray positive and negative modes
    • Manufactured in ISO certified facilities using Statistical Quality Control and Statistical Process Control procedures


    ULTRA LC/MS Grade Solvents 


    Product   Product Number    Product    Product Number 
    Water  9823-01  Acetonitrile  9853-02 
    Water  9823-02  Methanol  9863-01  
    Acetonitrile  9853-01  Methanol  9863-02 



    UltimAR™ Solvents: Cost-Effective Quality

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR solvents offer purity, consistency and excellent performance in HPLC applications along with the economy of a “universal” solvent suitable for multiple applications. UltimAR solvents meet or exceed ACS specifications for HPLC and UV spectrophotometry applications, and give you the mobile phase purity you need for success in general lab use as well. UltimAR solvents are tested for use in extraction/concentration sample clean-up protocols for trace level organic residue analysis.

    UltimAR Solvents: Ultimate Benefits

    Low UV absorbance, residue after evaporation and water levels provide flat base lines and extend column life

    • Consistent gradient profiles deliver reproducible results
    • Trace impurity levels controlled at the parts-per-billion (GC/FID) and parts-per-trillion (GC/ECD) levels -- for results you can trust


    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR Universal Solvents 

    Product Product Number
     Acetone H451
    Acetonitrile H454
    Chloroform V551
    Cyclohexane V552
    Dichloromethane H485
    Ether V326
    Ethyl Acetate  V553
    Heptane  V554
    Hexanes (95% n-Hexane)  H487
    Isopropyl Alcohol V555
    Methyl Alcohol H488
    Pentane V557
    Petroleum Ether, 35°-60°C H489
    Tetrahydrofuran  V558
    Toluene  V560
    2,2,4-Trimethylpentane V559


    For some UHPLC applications, our higher-grade HPLC solvents, such as acetonitrile ULTRA 9017, may be an appropriate choice, giving you reliable, reproducible and cost-effective performance.

    J.T.Baker® BAKER ANALYZED™ HPLC Solvents and Reagents  

    Acetone 9002 Methylene Chloride 9315
    Acetone, Low Water 9003 Methyl Ethyl Ketone 9214
    Acetonitrile 9012 Pentane 9331
    Acetonitrile 9017 -Propanol 9095
    Chloroform, Hydrocarbon Stabilized 9174 2Pyridine, Low Water 9393
    Chloroform 9175 Tetrahydrofuran 9441
    Cyclohexane 9292 Tetrahydrofuran (Stabilized) 9440
    o-Dichlorobenzene 9233 Tetrahydrofuran, Low Water 9439
    Ether, Anhydrous 9237 Toluene 9351
    Ethyl Acetate 9282 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene 9444
    n-Heptane 9177 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane 9480
    Hexanes (95% n-hexane) 9304 Water 4218
    Isobutyl Alcohol 9048    
    Methanol 9093    
    Methyl tert-Butyl Ether 9042