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  • Universal-Grade HPLC & MS Solvents

    UltimAR™ and ChromAR™ solvents let you consolidate the number of solvent grades used in a diverse variety of applications, saving money and storage space without compromising quality and reliability of test results. They’re tested for key analytical parameters in HPLC, GC and spectrophotometry.

    UltimAR™ and ChromAR™ Solvents Advantages  

    • Low UV absorbance, residue after evaporation and water levels for flat base lines and maximum column life -- ideal for trace level organic residue analysis
    • Consistent gradient profiles for reproducible results -- ideal for consistent mobile phases
    • Trace impurity levels at the ppb (GC/FID) and ppt (GC/ECD) levels
    • Specifications that meet or exceed ACS and histology standards
    • Reliable, consistent results
    • Affordable pricing

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR™ Universal Solvents   

    Product   Product Number  Product   Product Number 
    Acetone H451  Hexanes (95% n-Hexane)  H487 
    Acetonitrile  H454  Isopropyl Alcohol  V555 
    Chloroform  V551  Methyl Alcohol  H488 
    Cyclohexane  V552  Pentane  V557 
    Dichloromethane  H485  Petroleum Ether, 35° - 60°C  H489 
    Ether  V326  Tetrahydrofuran  V558 
    Ethyl Acetate  V553  Toluene  V560 
    Heptane  V554  2,2,4-Trimethylpentane  V559 


    Macron Fine Chemicals™ ChromAR™ Universal Solvents  

    Product   Product Number  Product   Product Number 
    Acetic Acid, Glacial  V155  Ethyl Acetate  H078 
    Acetone  2435  Heptane  5139 
    Acetonitrile  2856  Isopropyl Alcohol  3043 
    Acetonitrile  H076  Methyl Alcohol, Anhydrous  3041 
    Chlorobenzene  4426  Methyl Alcohol, Anhydrous  H080 
    Chloroform  H407  Methyl tert-Butyl Ether  5398 
    Chloroform  4443  Methyl Ethyl Ketone  6206 
    Dichloromethane Dichloromethane  4879  Methyl Isobutyl Ketone  5923 
    N,N-Dimethylacetamide  H077  NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinone)  6392 
    N,N-Dimethylformamide  5407  n-Propyl Alcohol  5351 
    Dimethyl Sulfoxide  5356  Tetrahydrofuran  2858 
    Ether 2969  Toluene  4483 
    Ethyl Acetate 2854  2,2,4-Trimethylpentane  6043 
      Water  6795