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  • ULTREX™ II Acid Dispenser System 

    Minimize the risk of contamination and be sure of the purity of our proven, high-performance laboratory acids -- J.T.Baker® ULTREX II and Macron Fine Chemicals™ AR Select Plus™ -- with the specialized ULTREX II dispenser system.

    The ULTREX II dispenser is made of fluoropolymer PFA or TFM (modified PTFE) to eliminate leaching and airborne contamination, minimize waste and enhance safe handling. The dispenser is pre-cleaned to maintain <0.1 ppb metal blank levels in routine use. All wet parts are made with fluoropolymer to maintain product purity, and each unit comes with a PTFE air filter to reduce the risk of airborne contamination. The unit dispenses 0 to 5 mL in 0.5 mL increments with an accuracy of ± 0.02 mL (water at 20 °C) and a precision of ± 3% at 3 mL.

    Dispenser Specifications  

    Volume:  0–5 mL in 0.5 mL increments 
    Accuracy:  ±  0.02 mL (water at 20 °C) 
    Precision:  ± 3% at 3 mL  


    The ULTREX II dispenser system is just one of Avantor’s many innovative chemical packaging options