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  • ppt Trace Metal Acids

    When you need absolute certainty from your advanced Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS) parts-per-trillion trace metal analysis, only ultra high-purity J.T.Baker® BAKER ULTREX™ acids can deliver the absolute assurance you require. Both are packaged in pre-leached, fluoropolymer bottles under Class 100 environment to eliminate cross contamination. These products, our purest acids, are highly characterized for ICP applications.

    J.T.Baker® ULTREX II Acids Advantages   

    • Analyzed for up to 65 trace elements in the low ppt range
    • Specifications of less than 10 ppt for 50 elements
    • Total element impurities that typically do not exceed 500 ppt
    • Wide variety of acids offered

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ AR Select™ Plus

    • Tested for up to 45 elements in the low ppt range
    • Produced by double sub-boiling in quartz stills
    • Key acids available


    Key Applications and Industries  
    Industry  Examples of Sample Types  Methods/Regulations 
    Environmental/Agriculture   Natural Waters (rivers, lakes, streams)  US EPA Method 1638 Metals by ICPMS 
    Drinking Water  Method 200.8 Metals in Drinking Water by ICPMS 
    Waste Water  EPA Method 1311 Hazardous Waste 
    Industrial Influents and Effluents  EPA Method 6010 Total Metals in Waste Water 
    Sludges  SW-846 
    Methods 3005–3051A 
    Livestock Feed Fertilizers  EPA 6010B 
    Soil  EPA Method 3050B 
    Plant Tissue  Total Metals in Soil by ICPMS Method 6020 
    ISO 11466.2 
    Food and Beverage  Food Additives Raw/In Process and Finished Products Packaging Materials  US FDA Elemental Analysis Manual for Food and Related Product 
    Nutraceutical  Herbal Remedies, Supplements, Medical Foods  US FDA Elemental Analysis Manual for Food and Related Products 
    Pharmaceutical  Drugs, Vaccines, Vitamins  US Pharmacopeia—National Formulary Standards 
    Clinical Biological Medical Devices Occupational Health and Safety  Tissues (liver, kidney), Blood/Blood Products, Urine, Dental Alloys Implants  CDC Metals in Urine 8310 or Elements in Blood and Tissue 8005 NIOHS 


    Preserve Purity with our Acid Dispenser System  

    Our unique ULTREX II Acid Dispenser System gives you added stability and purity, while reducing risk of contamination and maintaining chemical integrity during use.

    J.T.Baker® ULTREX II Acids  

    Product  Product Number 
    Acetic Acid, Glacial   6903 
    Ammonium Hydroxide, 20%   4807 
    Hydrochloric Acid   6900 
    Hydrofluoric Acid   6904 
    Hydrogen Peroxide, 30%   5155 
    Nitric Acid   6901 
    Perchloric Acid, 70%   4806 
    Phosphoric Acid   6908 
    Sulfuric Acid   6902 
    Water   6906 

    Macron Fine Chemicals™  AR Select Plus Acids 

    Product  Product Number 
    Hydrochloric Acid (V078) V078 
    Nitric Acid (V077) V077