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  • Stains & Dyes 

    For dependable staining performance you can count on, time after time, and ease of use in the laboratory, rely on Avantor certified-reliable laboratory stains and dyes. Many of our staining products are certified by the Biological Stain Commission, and are ideal for biological research. Our stains and dyes provide the kind of consistency you need, particularly in exacting work such as histology and molecular biology. These products are also packaged in easy-to-use bottles, helping to boost laboratory productivity and efficiency.

    Avantor Stains and Dyes: Some Key Applications  

    • Histology
    • Bacteriology
    • Protein Staining after Electrophoresis
    • Gram Staining
    • Protein Staining
    • DNA Staining
    • Fluorescence Microscopy 
    J.T.Baker® Stains and Dyes 
    Description  Use  Product Number 
    Acid Fuchsin Histology stain  A355  
    Alizarin Red S Histology stain  A475  
    Amido Black 10 B Protein stain  A586  
    Aniline Blue WS Histology stain  B362  
    Auramine O Fluorescence microscopy stain  B604  
    Basic Fuchsin Hydrochloride Histology and bacteriology stain  B660  
    Biebrich Scarlet, Water Soluble Histology stain  C242  
    Bismarck Brown Y Histology and bacteriology stain  C548  
    Coomassie Blue G-250 Protein staining after electrophoretic separation  F789  
    Coomassie Blue R-250 Protein staining after electrophoretic separation  F792  
    Crystal Violet Gram staining  F906  
    Erythrosin B Histology stain L146 
    Eosin B Histology stain  L083   
    Eosin Y Histology and blood stain  L088   
    Ethidium Bromide Nucleic acids   4007 
    Fast Green FCF Protein stain  M377  
    Giesma Stain Blood stain  M702   
    Hematoxylin Histology and cytology stain  M906  
    Light Green SF Yellowish Histology and cytology stain  P399  
    Malachite Green Oxalate Histology and bacteriology stain  P450  
    Methylene Blue Histology, bacteriology, and blood stain. DNA Staining after electrophoretic separation  Q473    
    Neutral Red Supravital staining  R746  
    New Methylene Blue N, Brecher Formula Reticulocyte staining R769 
    Orange G Histology stain  S752  
    Phloxine B Histology stain  U029   
    Rhodamine B Fluorescence microscopy, Conjugation to Antibodies  U872  
    Safranine O Histology, cytology, and bacteriology staining  U926  
    Wright’s Stain Blood stain   X492   


    For product specifications, packaging and prices, please see the Avantor online catalog.