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  • Salts, minerals and sugars 

    Salts Mineral and Sugars Achieve control over laboratory variables -- minimizing variability and maximizing consistency of results -- by relying on salts, minerals and sugars from Avantor Performance Materials. J.T.Baker® high-purity salts have earned a well-deserved reputation for purity and for meeting or exceeding a wide range of industry standards, including ACS reagent specifications. Macron Fine Chemicals™ salts offer excellent purity at an affordable price and are relied upon by a wide range of customers worldwide.

    Because of their high purity, these products have become synonymous with dependable performance as HPLC solvents and reagents and as biopharmaceutical buffering salts . Our salts, minerals and sugars are at work all over the world in drug discovery and environmental analysis.

     Products for consistency, purity, reliability 

    • High Purity Inorganic Chemicals -- salts for the most critical trace element analyses
    • Salts -- a complete range of high-purity organic salts for routine and specialized applications
    • Sugars -- high-grade sugars to meet the needs of the most exacting, high-stakes biopharmaceutical product harvesting and fermentation processes
    • Minerals -- optimize growth environments for cells and ensure consistent results for productive biopharmaceutical processes

    Our J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand USP, NF and FCC grade salts and J.T.Baker® Global Pharma Multicompendial salts are manufactured to cGMP standards, meet the requirements of the U.S. Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia (PhEur, EP), British Pharmacopeia (BP) and Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP) specifications when applicable