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  • High-Purity Inorganics  

    For accurate results and high performance -- detection in the parts-per-million range -- in critical environmental trace element analyses, research and quality control  laboratories rely on J.T.Baker® brand ULTREX high-purity inorganic salts. You get analysis for up to 32 trace metals from superior quality products manufactured using state-of-the-art processing and packaged under clean-room conditions. Post-packaging characterization is performed using advanced analytical instrumental methods. A Certificate of Actual Lot Analysis is provided with every bottle. 

    ULTREX Ultrapure Salts, Sugars and Minerals  

    Description Size Product Number
    Ammonium Phosphate, Monobasic 50 g (G) 4931-04 
    500 g (G) 4931-07 
    Boric Acid 100 g (P) 5168-05 
    Calcium Carbonate 25 g (G) 4918-03 
    Dextrose, Anhydrous 100 g (G)   4893-05 
    Lanthanum Oxide, Powder 100 g (P) 4991-05 
    Potassium Biphthalate 25 g (G) 4889-03 
    Potassium Phosphate, Monobasic 100 g (G) 4921-04 
    1 kg (G) 4921-07 
    Sodium Carbonate, Anhydrous 25 g (G) 4923-03 
    100 g (G)   4923-04 
    Sodium Chloride 100 g (G)   4924-05 
    Sucrose 100 g (G) 4842-05 
    500 g (G)   4842-07 
    Titanium Dioxide, Powder 100 g (G) 4962-05 

    P=Polyethylene bottle; G=Glass bottle