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  • Avantor J.T.Baker® brand HPLE sugars

    Manufactured using proprietary purification technology, Avantor J.T.Baker® brand HPLE sugars achieve endotoxin levels that are below regulatory requirements and contain industry-leading low metal contaminant levels:

    Enhance patient safety 

    • Reduce the risk of adverse reactions
    • Achieve consistently lower endotoxin levels in the finished dosage


    Increase your yield during cell culture 

    • Lower impurities and reduced sugars lead to higher yields 
    • Reduce the risk of API alteration from contaminants


    Improve the stability of your protein 

    • Less API degradation during fill and finish 
    • Preserve the integrity of your protein during – and after – lyophilization
    • Lower your risk with lot-to-lot consistency and proven quality 


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    Download our technical poster, HPLE Sugars Improve Robustness and Stability of Protein Formulation and Improve Drug Product Quality, presented at the 2016 ACS Spring Show.