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  • J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™ Process Chromatography Media

    Process Chrom - ImageProven to reduce total purification steps while improving purity and yield, our unique multi-mode chemistry works to increase yield by improving the efficiency of your purification process and enhance selectivity by removing closely related impurities.

    Expert Support

    • Process Development: More than 30 years of chromatography experience
    • Implementation: On-site column and operational support team
    • Global Commercialization: Scale up and optimize your processes

    J.T.Baker® chromatography media and our team of chromatography experts can assist with:

    • Column packing
    • Process applications collaboration/consultation
    • Custom-made chromatography media
    • Downstream process optimization by recommending the proper selection of buffer cleaning and solutions

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    Download the J.T.Baker® Process Chromatography Media Selection Guide

    Contact your Avantor Performance Materials account manager to learn more about J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™  process chromatography media.