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  • Normal Phase Process Chromatography Media

    J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™ normal phase process chromatography media offer fully porous particles optimized for high capacity.

    The media are bonded by a proprietary trifunctional silane synthesis, forming an ordered polymeric layer of multiple carbon-silicon bonds on the silica surface. The resulting phases are highly stable - due to increased resistance to hydrolysis - and impart unique properties.

    Available pore sizes permit access to large molecules and biomolecules. Due to narrow pore size distribution and optimized geometry, the accessible surface area is large, leading to relatively high loading capacities.

    Various particle and pore sizes are available. 

    Download the J.T.Baker® Process Chromatography Media Selection Guide.

    Optimized For:

    • High linear throughput
    • High capacity

    Interaction Modes:

    • Hydrophilic

    Recommended Application:

    • Recommended for use in the intermediate and polishing steps in the protein purification process.
    • Purification of polar organic extracts, oils and lipids

    Download the J.T.Baker® Process Chromatography Media Selection Guide or speak with your Avantor account manager to learn more.