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  • Silica Reversed Phase Process Chromatography Media

    J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND™ silica reversed phase process chromatography media are bonded by a proprietary trifunctional silane, which forms an ordered polymeric layer of multiple carbon-silicon bonds on the silica surface. The resulting phases are highly stable - due to increased resistance to hydrolysis - and impart unique properties.

    Silica reversed phase media typically exhibit selectivity characteristics. Because the high-quality spherical, silica-based, polymeric, trifunctional bonded media increase column life compared to mono-functional bonded silica, they are efficient and cost-effective for process-scale applications.

    Both non-endcapped and endcapped bonded phases, as well as various particle and pore sizes, are available.

    Download the J.T.Baker® Process Chromatography Media Selection Guide.

    Optimized For:

    • High linear throughput
    • High capacity
    • Unique selectivity

     Interaction Modes:

    • Hydrophobic

     Recommended Application:

    Recommended for use in the intermediate and polishing steps in the protein purification process

    • Economic purification hydrophilic peptides and proteins
    • High-performance purification of peptides and proteins suitable for QC applications

    Download the J.T.Baker® Process Chromatography Media Selection Guide or speak with your Avantor account manager to learn more.