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  • Enabling Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturers To Innovate with Confidence    

    Avantor is a supplier to many of the largest and most prolific pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. Our pharmaceutical customers choose Avantor because our products offer the quality and application-specific consistency they need to innovate with confidence. Avantor products help our pharmaceutical customers to create the next generation of medicines and to improve the welfare of patients worldwide.

    At Avantor, we know that every molecule that goes into your pharmaceutical product matters. Our experts work closely with you to understand your processes so we can help you meet your business and manufacturing needs, and the needs of your patients. This is what it means to innovate with confidence with Avantor:

    • We offer proven quality systems that meet stringent global regulatory and industry best practice standards, and we continuously improve and fine-tune our systems to benefit our customers and patients

    • We offer a secure and transparent supply chain, from raw materials acquisition to product delivery.

    • Our industry-leading analytical systems allow you to absolutely detect and report trace elements 

    • Our well-established culture of collaboration enables us to understand your applications at a deep level and work with you to help you reach your drug development goals 

    Infographic-Pharma Supply Chain Security standard version Sept 2014

    Infographic-Quality and Quality Systems Sept 2014 


    Supply Chain Security 

    Proven Quality Systems

    Infographic-Biopharma Product Range Sept 2014

    Infographic-Excipient Product Range Sept 2014


    Products for Biopharmaceutical Production

    Excipients for All Dosage Forms


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