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  • Biologics Production

    Biopharmaceuticals Market - ImageAvantor offers the agility, ingenuity and close collaboration biopharmaceutical manufacturers need to create the next generation of breakthrough drugs and biotechnology products.

    Innovative Products

    Avantor offers a range of proprietary products along every step of the biologics production process. Our cGMP-manufactured products meet stringent global regulatory and industry best practice standards, helping our biopharmaceutical customers progress through R&D and clinical trials, and scale up to production with confidence.

    Our materials and solutions are engineered to perform in the most demanding processes and environments. They help meet your https://sites.google.com/a/avantormaterials.com/the-source/communications/executive-communicationsrequirements, enhance patient welfare and maximize quality and efficiency. 

     Advance Biopharmaceuticals

    Avantor's products for biologics manufacturers include:

    • Amino Acids 
    • Antioxidants
    • Bioexcipients
    • Biomaterials
    • Buffers
    • Buffers Salts

    Avantor offers our biopharmaceutical customers proven quality supported by world-class quality systems that are designed to meet the evolving needs of the global marketplace. 

    Avantor shares full regulatory data so customers can file drug applications with global regulatory authorities. Our commitment to transparency includes:   


    Collaborative Innovation and Support


    From concept to commercialization, Avantor has the resources and ingenuity to deliver true customization on any scale. We uncover the unique challenges that face biologics manufacturers, and then we deliver tailored solutions that drive real value for our customers and their patients. Learn more about our innovation model

    Highlights of Avantor's customer service:

    • Global customer service and sales support
    • Quality agreements that detail Avantor quality processes and commitments
    • AskAvantor™ online customer assistance, including live chat
    • Online technical library