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  • Biopharmaceutical Oligonucleotides

    Maximize yields of synthetic oligonucleotides, enhance productivity and move quickly from drug discovery to innovative biopharmaceuticals with Avantor's broad range of J.T.Baker® products and Macron Fine Chemicals™ performance materials for oligonucleotide development and production. Our solvents and synthesis reagents have the purity and consistency to help you meet your biopharmaceutical production needs.

    We also help you achieve faster compliance across international borders through multicompendial products: USP/NF, EU, JP, BP, IP and more. Our products are characterized for UV, acid, base, water and residue after evaporation, and have earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in biopharmaceutical production, including protein and peptide therapeutics. Our products are also well suited to research involving RNA interference and microRNA gene silencing mechanisms.

    Because incredibly small details can have a significant effect, many of our solvent and chromatography products are also application-optimized and function-tested for use in oligonucleotide synthesis. Our products are available in a variety of chemical packaging options to help you maximize productivity and scale up quickly to biopharmaceutical production.