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  •  A Complete Range of Formulation Products 

    Create more effective injectable solutions with the qualities and consistency you need, avoid costly denaturation and aggregation, and maximize the efficiency of your formulation operations with the J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ complete product lines of preservatives, sugars, buffering agents, pH adjusters and more. Our specialty engineered products, proven in numerous protein and peptide manufacturing processes  have earned a reputation for excellence in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and injectables production at many of the world leaders in biopharmaceutical development and production

    Our excipients for sterile formulation and filling are engineered and characterized to support your biotherapeutic production. Manufactured in a cGMP environment utilizing ICH-Q7 quality systems, their documented quality -- from discovery to production -- helps you formulate, manufacture and innovate with confidence. So you can delivery the quality products your markets need. 

    Avantor Performance Materials: Your Assurance of Quality  

    • Known and low levels of contaminants
    • Consistency
    • Low or nonexistent levels of endotoxins
    • Bacterial and virus tested
    • Known origin -- animal or vegetarian
    • Amino acids meet EP, BP and JP specifications
    • Multi-compendial-tested grades of commonly used products 

    Formulation Products       

    Our Expertise  

    • Fermentation & Cell Culture -- achieving high levels of cell culture productivity and reliable cell growth
    • Harvest -- improving yields from primary recovery processes
    • Purification -- getting rapid, highly efficient purification
    • Formulation -- obtaining more effective protein peptide drug absorption