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  • Nutraceuticals 


    We understand the demanding nature of the nutraceuticals market: developing efficient, cost-effective nutritional solutions, without sacrificing quality, is critical. This is why we offer a portfolio of products that deliver the high quality needed develop supplements to improve nutrition and lives.

    Avantor® production chemicals for nutraceuticals include:

    We know that nutraceuticals applications demand quality solutions for nutrition and enhanced health. This is why we are dedicated to providing quality systems that meet stringent global regulatory and industry best practice standards. Our manufacturing facility in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, is FDA registered and HACCP certified, and our regulated products come with change management notification. Learn more about our global quality systems.

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    We know that quality materials and efficient, cost-effective production solutions are critical in your processes to help enhance the health and wellness of your customers. Avantor experts will connect you to the right chemistry for your process and ensure you get the formulation flexibility, storage stability and precise ingredient delivery you need to produce nutritional products.

    Download our market guide or contact us today to learn more about how we can support your nutraceuticals production needs.