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  • Supply Chain Security- Acquire, Purify, Packaging Raw Materials

    Supply Chain Security - Acquire Raw MaterialsAt Avantor™ Performance Materials, supply chain security means focusing on how we can ensure product quality and product safety at every point in the manufacturing and delivery process.

    Our goal: Provide our customers transparency into Avantor’s product supply chain, and align with our suppliers to identify, mitigate and manage risk throughout each step of the pharmaceutical ingredient supply chain. .

    Acquisition, Purification and Packaging of Raw Materials

    Supplier Audit Program

    Avantor uses an external audit program to audit operations of our GMP suppliers. Our auditors use internationally accepted standards based on the requirements of IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council), ICH and USP. Our customers are responding to regulatory pressures and quality concerns by requiring more supply chain transparency, and supplier audits help us make sure that our supply chain is aligned with our world-class quality systems.

    Supplier Change Notification

    Avantor follows IPEC guidelines to inform its customers of any changes that impact process, production and/or testing, via our electronic Management of Change (MOC) program. To facilitate the MOC program, Avantor expects at least 180 days' notification from suppliers for critical changes prior to implementation.

    Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)

    The ability to document SCARs is critical to maintaining a robust supply chain. We expect our suppliers to quickly and completely resolve issues so that we can maintain uninterrupted supply to our customers. We use the SCAR process to hold suppliers accountable for addressing issues we've identified as having impact on the quality and safety of their materials. SCARs are also part of our supplier report card system, with which we can provide specific feedback to our suppliers so continuous improvement is achieved.

    Download a PDF of the Avantor Supply Chain Security - Acquire, Purify, Packaging Raw Materials flyer