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  • Supply Chain Security - Raw Materials Transport to Avantor

    Supply Chain Security - Transport to AvantorAt Avantor™ Performance Materials, supply chain security means focusing on how we can ensure product quality and product safety at every point in the manufacturing and delivery process.

    Our goal: Provide our customers transparency into Avantor's product supply chain, and align with our suppliers to identify, mitigate and manage risk throughout each step of the pharmaceutical ingredient supply chain.

    Raw Materials Transport to Avantor

    Incoming Inspection

    All incoming materials are sampled and tested per Avantor internal requirements. The inspection confirms that the raw materials meet the specifications and quality standards Avantor expects from its suppliers upon receipt and our customers count on us to provide.

    Photo Imaging of Incoming Shipment Packaging

    Our incoming raw materials are our first line of defense to ensure our suppliers deliver the value we and our customers expect. One of our key tools is documented visual guidance on properly prepared raw material shipments. By comparing the appearance of incoming material shipments (labels, correct tamper seals, color of the packaging) to images of a previously released raw material lot, Avantor can quickly identify any issues before the material is released into production. This type of "visual factor" ensures raw materials have not been tampered prior to receipt at Avantor.

    Download a PDF version of the Avantor Supply Chain Security - Raw Materials Transport flyer