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  • Supply Chain Transparency & Security  

    At Avantor, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure supply chain that extends to every point in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and delivery process - from acquisition of raw materials through product delivery. We are committed to supply chain security, and we achieve it by communicating openly with our customers and providing unparalleled transparency and data sharing. 

    Learn more about our leading supply chain security programs by selecting one of the links below:

    Acquisition, Purify and Packaging of Raw Materials 

    Transport of Raw Materials to Avantor 

    Producing the Order for Avantor Product 

    Distributor Collaboration 

    Avantor Supply Chain Security Infographic

    Customer Support Programs

    Avantor offers customers a variety of programs that support their efforts to improve quality and security throughout the supply chain:

    • Quality Agreements that detail Avantor quality processes and commitments
    • Knowledgeable Technical Service support
    • ASK AVANTOR™ Online Customer Assistance, including live chat
    • A broad range of quality systems documentation driving continuous improvement
    • Manufacturer Batch Tracking, also known as Parent Lot Tracking, which allows customers to identify the origin of raw materials that Avantor repackages; this greater traceability is especially important for customers who may be using materials sourced from Avantor in multiple product lines or sites, and need to know of raw-materials-related changes or issues as soon as they come to light
    • Robust Management of Change (MOC) notification, which provides advance information to customers regarding changes impacting our supply chain. To receive more information about our MOC notification program, click here

    Other Supply Chain Security Programs

    • Supplier quality management program, including regular audits by Avantor, for maximum traceability
    • Tamper-Evident Seals -- To protect product integrity, all regulated and highly regulated grades of Avantor pharmaceutical products feature tamper-evident seals on outer packaging.
    • Rx-360 Joint Security Initiative -- Avantor participates in the activities of Rx-360, a nonprofit consortium focused on enhancing the quality and authenticity of materials in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Rx-360 promotes "best practices" such as comprehensive supply chain audits performed by industry specialists.