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  •  Pharmaceutical Chemical Products 


    Application-Specific Consistency and Unmatched Quality for Life Sciences  

    Every pharmaceutical production process has unique, proprietary requirements that must be satisfied to protect patient outcomes while maximizing manufacturing quality and efficiency. At Avantor, we offer a portfolio of products with application-specific consistency to help you create the next generation of breakthrough drugs and biotechnology products.

    Leading global pharmaceutical manufacturers count on our process intermediates, buffers, nutrients and inorganic excipients to sustain their productivity.
    Our biopurification chemistries and high-selectivity chromatography media offer greater freedom from contaminants and a broader range of functionality. Avantor’s chromatography products provide flexibility in selecting columns, aqueous solutions and process conditions.
    Avantor serves our global pharmaceutical customers with two proven brands: J.T.Baker® chemicals and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products. Our pharmaceutical chemistries help to solve the challenges you face – from increasingly stringent regulatory requirements to increased demand for new formulations and dosage designs.

    Just as critically, Avantor has the resources and world-class chemical research and engineering expertise to fully engage with you as you scale from formulation to full-scale production. We can facilitate selection and fine-tuning of our chemistries and product delivery processes to optimize their performance in every step of your operations.

    Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical Chemical Products

    • Amino Acids -- cGMP-manufactured to meet stringent biopharmaceutical specifications  
    • Minerals -- Create optimal growth environments for fermentation and cell culture
    • Sugars -- Improve reliability and productivity of upstream processing steps
    • Chromatography Media -- Achieve improved selectivity, higher efficiency and scalable operations
    • Surfactants and Denaturants -- Improve pharmaceutical product stability and get stronger formulations with our surfactants and denaturants, including custom solutions  
    • Solvents -- Combine leading-edge innovation with proven purity and consistency for reproducible results    
    • Buffering Salts -- Optimize production and throughput by getting the results you need, every time
    • Aqueous Solutions -- Maximize the effectiveness of parenteral formulations with our high-purity solutions
    • Biological Buffers -- Build unsurpassed consistency into your downstream biopharmaceutical processing 
    • DNA Synthesis Reagents -- Ensure quality and consistency in high-stakes biopharmaceutical processes with our cGMP-manufactured reagents
    • Pharmaceutical Excipients -- Maximize quality and efficiency, and reduce formulation complexities with performance excipients  

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