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  • Pharmaceutical Solvents  

    Achieve unsurpassed consistency, accurate results and industry-leading performance with solvents from Avantor Performance Materials. J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ brands of solvents are available in sizes ranging from 500 mL to bulk packages containing hundreds of gallons. Our bulk solvent delivery capabilities are ideal for both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production.

    Production Advantages

    •  Lot-to-lot consistency  
    •  Stringent UV specifications  
    •  Filtered through 0.2µm filters to remove particles  
    •  Minimal residue after evaporation to promote longer column life expectancy 
    •  Minimal metal adduct formation  
    •  Minimal organic contamination  
    •  Minimal ionization suppression  

    Scale Up Fast with Beaker to Bulk  

    Take your drug discovery from R&D to full-scale manufacturing, smoothly and reliably, with our Beaker to Bulk packaging program that delivers our high-quality cGMP products in sizes suitable for laboratory research, pilot and full-scale manufacturing. Our “right sized” packaging gives you increased cost-efficiency, reduced time to market and the same high quality for production processes as for drug research.We also offer chemical packaging options in aliquot sizes that reduce or eliminate the need to handle or measure hazardous chemicals, as well as reusable CYCLE-TAINER solvent delivery packaging systems that eliminate solid waste.


    J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ Brands Bulk Solvents


    Description   Product Number 
    1-Butanol  9054 
    2-Propanol  9084 
    Acetone  2440 
    Acetone  9006 
    Acetonitrile  0043 
    Acetonitrile  9011 
    Butyl Alcohol Normal  3000  
    Chloroform   4440 
    Chloroform  9180  
    Dichloromethane  4881 
    Dimethylformamide  9221 
    Ether    9240 
    Ether Anhydrous  9244 
    Ethyl Acetate   4992  
    Ethyl Acetate   9280 
    Ethyl Ether Anhydrous   0848 
    Ethylene Glycol  9300 
    Formaldehyde 37% Solution  2106 
    Formaldehyde  5016 
    Hexanes   5189 
    Hexanes  9309 
    Hexanes  9367 
    Isopropyl Alcohol  3032 
    Methanol   9070 
    Methanol Blend 80%  9148 
    Meethyl Alcohol Anhydrous  3016 
    Methyl Ethyl Ketone  6240 
     Methyl Ethyl Ketone  9319 
    Methyl Tert-Butyl Ether  9034  
    Methylene Chloride   9324 
    N,N-Dimethylformamide  4929 
    N-Heptane (Normal)  5177 
    P-Dioxane  9231 
    Petroleum Ether 35-60C  9268 
    Petroleum Ether 35-60C  4980 
    Pyridine  3348  
    Reagent Alcohol Absolute  7019  
    Tetrahydrofuran  8498 
    Tetrahydrofuran  9450 
    Toluene  8608 
    Toluene  9460 
    Trichloroethylene Stabilized  8600 
    Xylenes   8668 
    Xylenes   9490 



    J.T.Baker® and Macron Fine Chemicals™ Brands Bulk Compendial Solvents

    Ether    0812 
    Ether  9239 
    Benzyl Alcohol  1403 
    Acetone  2432 
    Acetone  9008 
    Isopropyl Alcohol  3031 
    Isopropyl Alcohol  9080  
    Methylene Chloride  4874  
    Formaldehyde Solution  5014 
    Propylene Glycol  6263 
    Propylene Glycol  9402  
    Propylene Glycol  9403 
    Methyl Alcohol  8814