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  •  Fermentation and Cell Culture Sugars

    Make upstream processing steps more reliable and productive with pharmaceutical sugars from Avantor Performance Materials. These products are a reliable source of carbon and energy for cell cultures, and used as excipients, effectively stabilize valuable and delicate lyophilized proteins for injectable biopharmaceutical drugs.   

    Biopharmaceutical and synthetic pharmaceutical producers count on Avantor for the purity they need -- free from contaminants and trace metal ions -- to guarantee protein stability and efficacy, product safety and efficient product control. 

    J.T.Baker® Brand Sugars

    J.T.Baker® brand sugars are produced in an FDA-inspected facility produced using validated cGMP processes. They have documented stability, retained samples and packaging and traceable in terms of raw materials.

    Product Product Number     Product Number 
    Dextrose, Anhydrous, USP, Multi-Compendial*   1920 Mannitol, Powder, USP, Multi-Compendial*    2553  
    Dextrose, Anhydrous, USP*   1919 Mannitol, Powder, USP*    2555  
    Dextrose, Anhydrous, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED ACS  Reagent   1916 Mannitol, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED ACS Reagent    2554  
    Dextrose, Monohydrate, USP, Multi-Compendial*    1913 Raffinose, 5-Hydrate, Biochemical Reagent    U826  
    Dextrose, Monohydrate, Powder, USP*  1912 Sorbitol, Biochemical Reagent    V045  
     Dextrose, Monohydrate, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED  Reagent   1910 Sucrose, Crystal, NF, Multi-Compendial*    4074  
     D-(-)-Fructose, Biochemical Reagent    M556 Sucrose, ULTRAPURE BIOREAGENT   4097  
    D-(+)-Galactose, Biochemical Reagent    M672   Sucrose, Crystal, BAKER ANALYZED, ACS Reagent   4072
    D-(+)-Galactose Biotech Reagent*   2100 Sucrose, NF, Multi-Compendial High Purity (Low  Endotoxin)*    4005  
    Galactose, Biotech Reagent*   2102 a,a-Trehalose, Dihydrate Biotech Reagent High Purity  (Low Endotoxin)*   4226
    D-(+)-Glucose, see Dextrose        
    Lactose, Monohydrate, Powder, NF, Multi-Compendial*    2250    
    Lactose, Monohydrate, Powder, NF*   2249    
      D-(+)-Lactose, Monohydrate, Powder, BAKER ANALYZED ACS Reagent   2248    
     D-(+)-Lactose, BAKER    P347    

     *cGMP produced 


    Macron Fine Chemicals™ Brand Sugars 

    Product Product Number   Product Number
    D(+)-Galactose, Anhydrous, OR   5094 Sucrose, Crystal, AR (ACS)   8360
    Lactose, Monohydrate, Powder, AR (ACS)   5652 Maltose, Monohydrate, OR   1881
    Lactose, Monohydrate, Powder, NF*   6270 D-Glucose, Anhydrous, Granular, AR (ACS)   4912
    Mannitol, Powder, USP*   6208 Fructose, Low Glucose, GenAR   7756
    Mannitol, Powder, AR (ACS)   6209 Dextrose, Anhydrous, Granular, USP*   4908
    Mannitol, Powder, USP, GenAR*   7781 Dextrose, Anhydrous, Granular, USP, GenAR*   7730
    Sucrose, NF, GenAR*   7723    

    *cGMP produced