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    Reagent grade, ppb trace metal and ppt trace metal acids  to prepare samples with the utmost consistency, purity and stability

    Advanced silicones  

    Medical and space-grade silicones used in the most extreme environments

    Amino acids  

    Valuable in fermentation and cell culture processes where the need to document compliance with requirements is especially important

    Aqueous solutions  

    Reagent solutions or volumetric solution for anything from basic cleaning to mobile phases or custom blends

    Biological buffers  

    Specifically engineered for biotechnology, cell biology and molecular biology applications, including biopharmaceutical production

    Biological reagents  

    Sophisticated bioreagents proven to expand process control, reduce variables, maximize coupling efficiencies and boost yields

    Chromatography media & consumables  

    Highly-selective, reproducible and rapid separation performance for HPLC, UHPLC, SPE and LC.


    Multiple grades of cGMP manufactured denaturants, engineered to improve consistency of product performance in your biopharmaceutical applications

    Diagnostics solutions  

    In vitro reagents, instruments, and consumables for life science research that improve the quality and affordability of diagnostic tools to help benefit the health and well-being of people around the world.

    Electronic chemicals  

    Broad range of wet chemistries products, including electronic solvents and mixed electronic acid, aluminum and buffered oxide etchants


    Multifunctional performance excipients that help you increase revenues, shorten time to market and improve application flexibility

    Gas chromatography solvents & reagents       Application-optimized and function-tested to enhance separation power and reproducibility.
    High purity low endotoxin (HPLE) sugars   Increase cell culture yield and API efficacy with J.T.Baker® HPLE Sugars

    HPLC solvents & reagents   Enhance the performance of your laboratory and maximize throughput without sacrificing efficiency or reproducibility

    LC/MS solvents & reagents      Chromatography solvents that support virtually every form of chromatography in common use today. 


    Molecular biology products   

    High-performance molecular biology reagents, solvents and buffers delivering dependable results 

    Photoresist strippers & post-etch residue removers  

    Specifically formulated for cleaning and surface preparation on both aluminum-based and copper-based integration

    Process chromatography media   Proven to reduce total purification steps, while improving purity and yield


    USP, NF and/or FCC grade reagent, buffer component and buffering salts products that are synonymous with dependable performance.

    Semiconductor advanced FEOL  

    Silicon wafer cleaning, integration and surface preparation chemistries engineered for advanced devices and fabrication processes

    Stains & dyes  

    Solutions, stains and dyes for histopathology applications involving sample preparation for microscopic examination


    Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sugars free from contaminants and trace metal ions

    Surfactants & detergents  

    Multicompendial, low-peroxide surfactants and detergents for improved formulations, better stability and minimized risk in pharmaceutical production

    UHPLC solvents   Solvents designed to meet the needs of the most demanding ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) and mass spectrometry research and analytical testing applications.

    Vitamins & minerals   

    Proven vitamins and pharmaceutical process minerals available as USP, FCC, NF or ACS certified products