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  • UHPLC solvents

    J.T.Baker® ULTRA LC/MS solvents are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding ultra-high-pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) and mass spectrometry research and analytical testing applications, such as proteomics, drug discovery, pharmacokinetics and clinical research. This grade of solvents is intended to extend the useful life of UHPLC columns by significantly reducing particles and minimizing the occurrence of erroneous peaks caused by the formation of metal adducts or the presence of organic impurities, such as phthalates and polyethylene glycol (PEG).

    Improved particle filtration

    J.T.Baker® ULTRA LC/MS solvents are filtered through 0.1 μm filters providing extremely low particles, which extends column life, reducing instrument downtime and maintenance cost. 

    Advanced suitability testing

    Function applicable suitability testing with both Electrospray positive and negative modes is performed on J.T.Baker® ULTRA LC/MS solvents to ensure mass spectrometry performance. A positive mode specification has been set using reserpine at 25 ppb, and a negative mode specification has been established using 4-nitrophenol at a 25 ppb, maximum. The improved testing strengthens detection of extraneous organic impurities resulting in:

    • Minimal baseline noise
    • Reduced ionization suppression
    • Improved sensitivity to both small- and large-molecule detection

    Reduced trace metals
    • Packaged in 1 L borosilicate bottles, minimizing the leaching of trace metal impurities over time (vs. traditional amber glass bottles).
    • Ideal for applications susceptible to metal adduct interferences
    • Through statistical process control, critical control parameters are monitored to ensure consistent product quality from lot to lot
    • Low trace metal impurities for reduced metal adduct formation, improved analyte identification and reproducible results

    Products available

    Also available:
    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR™ solvents

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ UltimAR solvents offer purity, consistency and excellent performance in HPLC applications along with the economy of a “universal” solvent suitable for multiple applications. UltimAR solvents meet or exceed ACS specifications for HPLC and UV spectrophotometry applications, and give you the mobile phase purity you need for success in general lab use as well. UltimAR solvents are tested for use in extraction/concentration sample clean-up protocols for trace level organic residue analysis.

    • Low UV absorbance, residue after evaporation and water levels provide flat base lines and extend column life
    • Consistent gradient profiles deliver reproducible results
    • Trace impurity levels controlled at the parts-per-billion (GC/FID) and parts-per-trillion (GC/ECD) levels -- for results you can trust