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  • Our proven brands

    Avantor serves our global customers with our own portfolio of trusted, quality brands. Through VWR, our channel brand, we provide global access to these brands as well as products from thousands of other manufacturers. For more information on VWR e-commerce resources, visit here.


    NuSil™ brand: High-purity medical- and space-grade silicones

    NuSil™ brand silicones are developed for the most extreme environments, from inside the human body to the harsh conditions of outer space.


    J.T.Baker® brand: High-quality engineered chemistries

    J.T.Baker® brand chemicals have become synonymous with quality for more than a century.


    Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand: Consistent and reliable chemicals

    Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand products offer quality, versatility and value for a range of applications.


    Puritan Products™ brand: Quality GMP materials

    Puritan Products™ brand GMP-manufactured materials provide quality at a total cost of ownership that can reduce overhead.


    BeneSphera™ brand: Total diagnostic solutions

    BeneSphera™ brand diagnostic solutions provide reliable, affordable and easy-to-use products that meet the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow. Available in select areas.  


    RANKEM™ brand: Total scientific laboratory solutions

    RANKEM™ brand chemicals offer a breadth of core laboratory reagents and chemical products at superior value. Available in the India and Asia-Pacific regions.  


    POCH™ brand: Consistent and reliable laboratory chemicals

    POCH™ brand chemicals have a 60-year-plus reputation in the Polish laboratory market, offering a wide variety of products for multiple applications.


    CareSil™ brand: The most pristine silicones in skin care

    CareSil™ brand medical-quality silicones enable manufacturers to develop products that fulfill their customer's dreams for beautiful, healthy, younger-looking skin.