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  • Consistent Materials Quality through Ship-to-Control

    Ship to ControlEnsure total lot uniformity through proven, statistically-based process control -- tailored to your needs -- with Avantor’s Ship-to-Control program. This program is focused on maximizing the quality of our performance materials by ensuring that every shipment delivers characteristics that are within parameters that you help to define. We also collaborate with you to refine and monitor the process to sustain continuous improvement.

    Ship-to-Control uses statistical process control models to generate in-control limits for chemical processes. Any quality control (QC) parameter that falls outside your limits is noted and appropriate action taken. The result: reduced process variability and risk, as well as maximum production uptime and on-time performance.

    Ship-to-Control: Beyond Traditional Specifications

    • Based on actual, historical process performance
    • Control limits accurately reflect natural variation of processes
    • Can be used to monitor process stability
    • Based on proactive response to process or equipment issues
    • Limits apply to statistics: standard deviation, ranges and trends
    • Address issues at micro (e.g. trace metals) and pharmacological (e.g., pH) levels
    • Three levels of response available

    Levels of Ship-to-Control

    Category Disposition
    1 Requires customer approval for shipping any lot with any parameter beyond 3 sigma (3 standard deviations from specified limits)
    2 Requires customer notification before shipping any lot with any parameter beyond 3 sigma
    3 Process control statistics information shared only on an FYI basis, not on a transaction basis