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  • A Passion for Operational Excellence  

    Excellence Energized by the opportunity to deliver advanced performance materials to empower our customer’s growth and success, Avantor Performance Materials has a sustained culture of operational excellence with the resources, technical expertise and agility to drive continuous improvement in all our processes. 

    Using leading operational excellence tools like Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, we constantly challenge ourselves to improve our execution, discipline and efficiency. We apply these tools to enhance our ability to partner with customers, understand your constantly evolving performance materials requirements and drive the delivery of innovative solutions to help you achieve better performance, launch next generation products and sustain your competitive advantage. 


    Excellence in Product Innovation  

    Our product design process is driven by your applications and incorporates Six Sigma statistical design tools early in the process to ensure robustness and application fit.  

    Our quality systems make extensive use of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) to enable constant feedback and improvement in the product development process, enabling us to achieve tighter specifications, more consistent results and faster time to market. 


    Excellence in Process Improvement  

    We have fully documented, regularly updated production standards and operating procedures that combine Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing continuous improvement disciplines. Six Sigma focuses on process control and measurement system reliability, and Lean Manufacturing creates a day-to-day working framework to empower everyone to identify and drive out waste across the enterprise. 

    Together, these disciplines provide engineers, researchers, program managers and production personnel with defined methodologies for evolving our manufacturing and logistics processes toward maximum efficiency, while simultaneously identifying opportunities to eliminate waste, improve communications and streamline our ability to keep Avantor a dynamic and growing force in the global performance materials industry.