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  • REACH: Sustaining Safety & Compliance 

    REACHTo ensure compliance with rapidly-evolving European Chemicals Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals regulation (REACH), and promote safety, Avantor Performance Materials is working in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers. That helps to ensure supply chain integrity and regulatory compliance. It’s also your assurance that our performance chemicals will be pre-registered under the REACH regulation and will continue to be available and registered in the future.

    The primary objective of REACH is to improve the protection of human health and the environment. Avantor strongly supports this objective and will pre-register all products according to REACH requirements or have suppliers that will pre-register those substances. We are engaging in communication with our suppliers for clarification on downstream uses in order to accomplish this task.

    Supporting Safe Chemical Procedures

    REACH impacts the whole chemical supply chain -- and as a global supplier, Avantor supports increasing awareness of key steps each supply chain participant can take to further its goals:


    • Verify that suppliers within the European Union (EU) register the product for the specific ways in which you use it.
    • Provide your supplier with detailed information on how you use the product and all quantities used, identifying potential human and environmental exposure.
    • Review safe handling procedures proposed by your supplier and assess applicability to your workplace.
    • Substances classified as dangerous or persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic (PBT and vPvB) may only be used downstream if they apply risk management measures identified on the basis of exposure scenarios for their use.

    Manufacturers and Importers

    • REACH requires manufacturers and importers of substances (larger than or equal to one ton/year) to submit a registration dossier to regulatory agencies.
    • Physicochemical, health and environmental properties of the substance must be documented.
    • Each manufacturer and importer must outline all uses for the substances, total quantities that will be manufactured or imported and appropriate safety precautions.


    • Must understand how your product is handled throughout the supply chain.
    • Information regarding the potential for human and environmental exposure must be furnished in your substance registration or that of the original EU manufacturer or importer.
    • Information on the health, safety and environmental properties and safe use of supplier’s chemicals must be communicated to downstream users (via a MSDS or other means)


    Questions about Avantor's activities in support of REACH, or its impact on specific products?  Send us a message at reach@avantorinc.com.


    REACH Timeline

    REACH laboratory chemicals registration timeline