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  • Our cGMP Manufacturing Advantages   

    cGMP solutionsMaximize operational efficiency, reduce time to market and ensure regulatory compliance with consistent, reproducible products from Avantor’s cGMP facilities.

    Our commitment to manufacturing bulk pharmaceutical excipients (BPEs) in cGMP facilities -- upgraded to Q7 global quality standards -- is your assurance that all applicable regulatory standards will be met.

    We support customer innovation and new product developments through process consistency, product reproducibility and documentation that enables traceability from raw materials to finished, quality performance materials. We have also introduced cGMP-manufactured critical raw materials even where a compendial monograph does not exist.

    Our solution preparations provide both regulatory compliance and adherence to your most demanding standards. And cGMP production is only one way in which we make sure our customers receive nothing but the highest quality possible.

    Additional Assurances of Quality

    • FDA-registered facilities
    • Multicompendial products (USP/NF, EP, BP, JP)
    • Products follow IPEC standards
    • Regular customer audits allow for better understanding of the industry needs and to work on continuous improvements
    • ISO certifications