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  • Packaging Process: Service, Quality and Consistency  

    Packaging processThe market-leading value Avantor Performance Materials offers is built on the global standards we set for purity, consistency and quality -- and we sustain those standards through innovative, cutting-edge packaging processes that enable laboratory, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturers to optimize how our products serve research and production processes.  

    For example: we package our cGMP-manufactured laboratory chemicals using facilities and processes that are constantly improved to satisfy the newest worldwide Q7 standards, as well as supporting earlier acceptance of INDs, NDAs and BLAs to help researchers and lab products users stay ahead of the regulatory curve. 

    Combined with the sophisticated array of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, Avantor leverages its innovation and technical expertise to deliver performance chemistries and materials in ways that support and amplify the value of your products.  

    The Clean Packaging Advantage  

    • Full clean room capabilities -- including Class 10 and Class 100 facilities 
    • Segregated packaging facility featuring positive-pressure, HEPA-filtered air 
    • Multi-step clean zone system designed to eliminate atypical and minimize typical impurities 
    • Variety of containers available (including 200 L bioprocess containers or BPCs) 
    • Sizes from 1 L to 1,250 L available 
    • Custom packaging available 

    Reducing Particulate Matter  

    Avantor standards for acceptable levels of particulate matter are the most rigorous in the industry -- stricter than those cited in a typical USP monograph. Levels of particulates in finished goods are typically in the low part-per-million range, reflecting our commitment to the cleanest packaging processes in the industry. 

    Our step-based, process related approach -- based on techniques currently used by the pharmaceutical industry -- divides packaging into clean zones with increasing emphasis on purity. Each successive zone is set up for further reduction of particulate levels until the product has reached maximum purity before shipment. It’s a system designed to earn our customers’ trust that our packaging quality is second to none. 

    Particle Reduction Manufacturing and Packaging Zones  




    Materials delivery to Avantor 


    Receiving area -- routine maintenance 


    Pallet storage area -- routine maintenance 


    Pre-cleaning/prep zone -- shrink wrap removed; containers placed on polyethylene pallet (cleaner than wood) and cleaned by direct vacuum to remove visible contamination 


    Clean staging area -- products made ready for packaging/repackaging; technicians must wear apparel designed to minimize contamination by human contact 


    Packaging area – Clean, hepa filtered transfer of product to final packaging for customers