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  • Innovative Packaging Design Drives Productivity

    Innovative Packaging ImageIncrease research and manufacturing productivity, protect high-performance materials from loss and degradation, and help improve worker safety and the environment with the broad array of packaging containers and systems available from Avantor.  

     All Avantor packaging shares a common design approach: containers crafted to match specific use, cost and operational requirements. This includes fully integrated, state-of-the-art chemical delivery platforms such as our J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packagingCYCLE-TAINER and  NOWPak  solvent and reagent delivery systems.  

    Investing in Packaging Improvement 

    Avantor continuously invests in improved packaging processes form factors and ease-of-use, working closely with our customers to satisfy evolving operational and quality requirements.

    As we advance the design of our packaging solutions, we continuously improve our global labeling systems to assure full compliance with evolving regulatory requirements such as GHS, REACH and the latest IPEC guidelines and FDA requirements, as well as ensuring you receive the vital packaging handling information you need for safe and efficient operations.

    J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense Packaging

    Enhance the effectiveness of your products and streamline your biopharmaceutical manufacturing process with J.T.Baker® Direct Dispense packaging from Avantor. This innovative and proprietary packaging keeps salts, buffers and cell culture products free flowing for easy and controlled delivery directly to your process.

    CYCLE-TAINER™ System 

    Our CYCLE-TAINER system is a customer-dedicated, 100% reusable, positive-pressure, closed dispensing system for J.T.Baker® high-purity solvents and reagents. Compared with purchasing your solvents in bottles or one-way drums, the CYCLE-TAINER delivery system is a better alternative for high-volume users of solvents and reagents.

    NOWPak Solvent Delivery System 

    The NOWPak solvent delivery system is a rugged, non-pressurized, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or stainless steel outer container with a single-use polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liner. Selected Avantor high-purity solvents are available in 20 L or 200 L NOWPak containers. 

    The Flowmor System for Hygroscopic Salts

    Avoid time-consuming handling and contamination risks associated with large “bricks” of hygroscopic salts that cake and turn rock-hard over time - with our Flowmor packaging system. Available for products in sizes 12 kg or greater, this innovative packaging reduces the need for tedious, potentially hazardous manual techniques required to break up caked product.

    SAFEMOR Bottles

    SAFEMOR is a break-resistant, shatter-proof container designed to protect laboratory personnel who routinely use hazardous chemicals. SAFEMOR exteriors have a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating that improves bottle handling, raising the coefficient of friction 72% when the bottle is dry and 61% when wet.